Health anxiety

Being afraid of getting ill is normal, but when it takes hold of your personal, social or professional life, we talk about "illness anxiety". It can affect your self-image and relationships. And it can even negatively affect your health! This program is intended for anyone who experiences obstructive fears about his or her health. This may include:
  • People who are concerned about 1 particular disease such as Covid-19, HIV, cancer, heart disease, ...
  • People who are concerned about various diseases
  • People who think they are already sick, but who have not been diagnosed
  • People who are afraid to go to certain places for fear of being exposed to germs
The approach is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, with the focus on the here and now. We're not going to try to figure out where your fears are coming from, but we're going to focus on providing practical tools to change your life now.

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  • 8 Lessons
  • 49 Subjects
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